Welcome to My New Website!

Why me?

As your Photographer, it is my job and passion to not only take timeless, flawless images of you but most importantly to make you feel confident, at ease, and beautiful during your entire experience with me.  I am confident that I strive to make that happen 100% of the time and as a result some of my best friendships have been born during a one hour photo shoot, and for that I am incredibly grateful.


Bonus Fun Facts:

  • I am an award-winning photographer
  • I am a long-time member of The Professional Photographers of America and The Professional Photographers of Massachusetts
  • I continue to educate myself and perfect my craft
  • I am vaccinated and boosted (I take the health & safety of myself and my clients very seriously)

Read more about me on the Boston Voyager.

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I am a member of:


Honored by:


Highest Scoring Image for a First Time Entrant
Presented by Professional Photographers of Massachusetts on March 11, 2018

Things I can't  live without
  • My Ocklawaha Tribe
  • My 2 Frenchies "Finley" & "Ozzy"
  • A Creative Outlet
  • My heart, soul & breath (Emily, Vincent & Timmy)
  • Lipgloss
  • The Ocean
  • My Cousins
My  wishlist
  • That every human that gets in front of my camera feels as beautiful as the way I see them .
  • That society removes the stigma attached to the disease of addiction and that more people who need help reach out to someone. If you feel comfortable with me, please reach out, I promise to be your "Safe Person."
  • That Covid wraps it up!!!
  • That my kids understand the magnitude of my love for them and above all else I will choose them 100% of the time!
My  Bucketlist
  • Figure out my "WHY"
  • Photograph "The Rock"
  • Get 1000 likes on a single image
  • Spend a month in Greece by myself
  • Complete a Genogram
  • Retire to the Amalfi Coast
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