About Patti
Things I can't live without
  • My Canon 5D Mark iii and an array of lenses!
  • My heart, soul & breath (Emily, Vincent & Timmy)
  • Lipgloss
  • The Beach
  • Starbucks (Venti Skinny CafĂ© Latte)
  • The Internet
  • A Good wisecrack!
  • My Cousins
  • Personal Goals
My Wishlist
  • For my children to be happy, honest with themselves and others, to be successful in whatever they choose to do and to know I did the very best I could for them.
  • For my husband to always love me unconditionally (I am not an easy one to handle) and for me to learn to do the same.
  • Free Wifi everywhere
  • For World Peace
My bucket list
  • Cover shot on a Magazine
  • Photograph a pro sports event from the sidelines
  • Get 1000 likes on a photo
  • Become an expert in Lightroom
  • Spend a month in Greece
  • Vacation for one week alone to a place I have never been
  • Figure out my family tree

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